ICEPELL Picturebooks

Picturebooks are the conduit for citizenship education in the ICEPELL project. They form the backbone of three Intellectual Outputs:

  1. the ICEpro Course: a 25-hour professional development course for pre- and in-service practitioners
  2. the ICEKits: a teaching pack to use with a picturebook created by practitioners for practitioners and their learners.
  3. the ICEGuide: a handbook on the theory and practice of using picturebooks to integrate ICE into early EFL contexts for practitioners and teacher educators

The Picturebook Selection Questions document

To help select picturebooks for ICE the project partners developed a Picturebook Selection Questions document. This document has been used by our teacher participants to scaffold their understanding of ICE and guide them during the picturebook selection process. 

You can download the Picturebook Selection Questions document and its introduction here.

The selected ICEPELL picturebooks

Using the Picturebook Selection Questions the ICEPELL partners selected around 90 picturebooks to be used by participants during the ICEPro Course.

  • This list of picturebooks is an anti-canon, open and inclusive, and its aim is to encourage others to consider such titles when selecting picturebooks for early language learning.
  • The list is not exhaustive, it is a possible list – a list to be built on and developed by others.
  • The picturebooks on the list cover a wide range of themes, consider diversity in content and authorship. However, it also depends upon the limitations of geographical availability and affordable access.

You can download the excel list of the 90 picturebooks here.