September 2019 to August 2022

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The ICEKits: Teaching packs for practitioners

An ICEKit is a teaching pack for practitioners (teachers, teacher librarians and student teachers) and their students. It supports them in using a picturebook to develop intercultural citizenship in early language learning. There are 18 ICEKits on this website, 15 were co-created by practitioners for practitioners during the ICEPro Professional Development Course. These ICEKits have been piloted in real classrooms in the partner countries.

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The ICEGuide: A Handbook for Intercultural Citizenship Education through Picturebooks in Early English Language Learning

The ICEGuide is for stakeholders who are involved in early English language learning (e.g., teacher educators, researchers, teachers and student teachers, policy makers, publishers). It has been planned as a pedagogical framework and ready-to-use manual for the implementation of Intercultural Citizenship Education through picturebooks in early English language learning. It intends to disseminate grounded theory and practical ideas which have emerged from the ICEPELL project.

Click here to download the ICEGuide.

Click here to watch a presentation of the ICEGuide by Carmen Becker and Nathalie Kik. 






The ICEPro Professional Development Course

The ICEPro Professional Development Course (ICEPro Course) is a 30-hour course for pre- and in-service practitioners (teachers, teacher librarians and student teachers) followed by classroom-based experimentation accompanied by a teacher educator as mentor. The ICEPro Course ran twice during the ICEPELL project and will be available from the summer of 2023 for interested practitioners in Europe to attend through the European School Education Platform.

Click here to watch a presentation of the ICEPro Course by Sandie Mourão, Sónia Ferreirinha, Silvana Rampone, Nayr Ibrahim and David Valente. 







The ICESurvey

The ICESurvey is a needs assessment tool, which was implemented in the five project countries. The aim of the ICESurvey was to collect information about practitioners’ understanding of, attitudes towards, experience with and confidence about integrating an intercultural education and citizenship into their early English language learning classes. It was used to inform decisions regarding the content of the ICEPro Professional Development Course. The survey questions, in English, can be downloaded here.