USR Piemonte, the Regional Education Office in Piedmont, is a territorial emanation of the Italian Ministry of Education and is responsible for education in the Piemonte region. The model of governance is based on an inter-institutional synergy that involves administration and public bodies as well as universities, foundations and public and private associations, so as to guarantee a high level of scholastic service and to build an education system that is an interface between culture and different bodies.

Some of the main areas of USR Piemonte activity are:
– ensuring general education standards, essential performance levels, effectiveness of in-service training and adherence to programmed standards;
– carrying out the national school policies;
– integrating activities with those of local municipalities, universities, provinces and the region as a whole;

USR Piemonte is also responsible for supporting flexibility and innovation within the school organization through the recognition of local needs, so as to create adequate training opportunities and activate projects that involve school networks. Since its initiation, USR Piemonte has promoted the European dimension of education, mobility and permanent learning programs within the European actions in collaboration with consortia, school networks, regional and local authorities; it has been involved in several cross-border and European cooperation programs such as KA101 projects for the training of Digital Animators and the KA201 project: “Prévenir l’illettrisme par des dispositifs pédagogiques innovants et la coopération avec les familles”.

USR Piemonte has created a Sustainability Network to respond to the needs of innovative teaching, participative learning and quality of educational practices according to EU priorities and the 2030 education global goals through the sharing of best practices with other European countries and the active research of new strategies to implement citizenship and foreign language learning at an early stage.

In addition, USR promotes and coordinates the regional eTwinning implementation plan for teachers of all school levels to support the implementation of the European dimension in education, the development of digital competences, European citizenship and cooperation skills.

Click here to see the presentation PPT from the 1st Transnational meeting.

USR Piemonte Steering Committee:

  • Coordinator: Silvana Rampone (USR Piemonte) 
  • Co-coordinator: Mara Tirino
  • Committee Member: Cristina De Nicola
  • Committee Member: Fabrizio Ferrari
  • Committee Member: Lucia Guina (IC San Mauro T.1 –TO)
  • Financial Administrator: Davide Antonio Martini (Head-teacher IC Carducci di Busca – CN)