ICE Pro Course

The ICEPro Professional Development Course is a 25-hour course for pre- and in-service practitioners, followed by classroom-based experimentation accompanied by a teacher educator as mentor.

The objectives are:

  • to equip practitioners with the competences to promote a comprehensive approach to language teaching and learning with picturebooks to develop ICE through an early EFL curricula.
  • to strengthen practitioners’ ability to use virtual learning platforms to communicate across borders.

At the end of the ICEPro Course and classroom-based experimentation participants will be able to:

  • select picturebooks for ICE for early English language learning
  • share and mediate picturebooks in English
  • plan, implement and evaluate ICE-related activities around picturebooks in English
  • interact online to engage in a virtual community of practice.
  • assess the intercultural domain and citizenship values in early English language learning classes
  • reflect on the teaching and learning context

The ICEPro Professional Development Course ran twice during the ICEPELL project and will be available for interested practitioners in Europe to attend through the School Education Gateway in 2023

Return to this page in January 2023 to find out when and where the ICEPro Professional Development Course will be running.