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What is ICEPELL?

ICEPELL is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project which aims to support practitioners to confidently integrate intercultural citizenship education into English as a foreign language (EFL) lessons and library sessions with children aged 5 to 12 years using picturebooks. The target group is the school community – teachers of English, teacher librarians, student teachers, children and teacher educators. The project runs from September 2019 to August 2022.

Intercultural citizenship education (ICE) is a combination of the intercultural communicative competence in language education and civic action in the community in citizenship education. You can find more information about ICE here.

Who are the project partners?

ICEPELL is made up of a consortium of six partners from five European countries – Portugal, Germany, Italy, Norway and the Netherlands – with expertise in early language learning, teacher education, picturebooks in language learning and materials development. You can find more information about the partners here

What are the project activities?

Along the three years of the ICEPELL project consortium will develop four main outputs which will be made available on this website in August 2022, at the end of the project. Check out our activity timeline here

A needs assessment, to better understand practitioners’ attitude towards and reticence around ICE and early EFL
A 25-hour professional development course for pre- and in-service practitioners
18 teaching packs around picturebooks which promote citizenship topics
A handbook on the theory and practice of using picturebooks to integrate ICE into early EFL contexts for practitioners and teacher educators

Other activities will also be developed by the ICEPELL project consortium:

An Open Educational Resources platform on e-Twinning to foster communities of practice across the five partner countries
Through e-Twinning to enable authentic interaction in English between children and help them take action across borders
Local and international events to disseminate the project activities
A set of questions to help practitioners select picturebooks for ICE



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Project Number: 2019-1-PT01-KA203-061353

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