Virtual Staff Training Week

Smiling faces during one of the week’s sessions

During the week of 28 September and 2 October, Universidade Nova Lisboa, the ICEPELL Coordinator, organised a Virtual Staff Training Week to replace the Learning Teaching and Training Activity we had programmed for this week. The objective was to pilot and provide feedback on some of the activities we are preparing for our Intellectual Outputs, learn more about each other, discover some of the tools we will be using e.g. eTwinning and the picturebook selection questions, and get to the know the project a little better … we even had a virtual lunch together! It was a jam-packed week! Click on the image below to see our schedule. 

Virtual Staff Training Week Schedule

One of the activities which went really well was the creation of an identity map, based on the picturebook My Map Book by Sarah Fanelli (Harper Collins, 1995). You can see our individual identity maps in the images below:

The week was a huge success and feedback was unanimously positive. One of the ICEPELL partners wrote: I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the week. I think you and your team put together a really varied, interactive and engaging week for us. I am not a fan of online learning and my first experience was not good (…). But this experience, for someone who is fairly new to this way of working, has convinced me that it can work, it can be fun and it can be an effective way of working and learning. 

COVID19 has brought loads of challenges to the ICEPELL project, but we are doing everything we can to overcome the constraints and have some exciting plans to move forward with more virtual activities making the most of digital tools like eTwinning and moodle.